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  2. Witcher Season 1
  3. Sunday, 09 June 2019
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So we are starting articles that ramp up interested viewers to the world of The Witcher, in a spoiler-free articles.

If you have any suggestions on topics, backstory, or simply want to give constructive feedback, we’d love to hear from you!
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I started a post labeled named ISO: A newbie's guide to The Witcher prior to learning about "Witcher Wisdom" and this thread.

I really enjoyed the background on witchers, elves, and magic!

I think one topic that I would like to better understand before the Netflix series begins is general information about the world where this story takes place. Some examples from my post:

  • What is the name/world where The Witcher takes place? Is it fictional or based in reality?
  • Do they have god(s) in this world or a religious system?
  • Who is the ruling class of this world? Who are the poor?
  • Are there non-humans that are not monsters (this could be problematic from a spoiler perspective :p )?

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