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Renfri’s bad luck started at birth, not only because her mother died in labor, but because Renfri was born during the Black Sun – a solar eclipse prophesied by the mage known as “Mad” Eltibald to produce 60 girls that could destroy humanity. Renfri was believed to be one of them.

A princess, beautiful with fair skin and silken blonde hair, her father remarried when she was young to the lovely Aridea. Aridea wanted to be loved and respected by her new kingdom, so she asked for the wizard Stregobor’s help to see the future. Unfortunately, it foretold her death and destruction at the hands of Renfri. Stregobor helped Aridea plot to kill Renfri. They sent a thug to take her into the woods and murder her. What no one counted on was Renfri’s escape...

Renfri dies at Geralt’s hands but Renfri will continue to haunt the Witcher, often playing as his unexpected moral compass as he’s forced to contemplate his morality. Over the course of the series we will learn more about her backstory and the surprising ways that it will play into the journey of our heroes, and the history of our villains.