Meve: You’re late!

Man: I would offer apologies, but since it’s my purse paying to clean up your mess—I’ll skip it! 

Vinny: We need an ally not a janitor. You need to mind your tone!

Meve: Sit down and quiet both of you. You can measure your pricks in your own time! I can assure you we have bigger things to discuss: Princess Serene is alive.

Vinny: That’s impossible!

Meve: And worse yet, the South knows it. Their search parties are already days ahead of ours.

Man: Well then, that is a problem. Fortunately, it is a problem I’m prepared to take on—for a fee.

Vinny: This is extortion! We won’t hear of it! I’ll have the king’s council.

Meve: Do shut up, Vinny! Name me a price. I want the girl dead by sunrise.



King Vizimir: For such a large man “David”, you move remarkably like the wind, though in this case a foul one.

Dijkstra: (Smiles) Can’t be that foul, it took you an eternity to take notice.

King Vizimir: It’s your reputation for getting new information that worries my senses.

Dijkstra: I’ll be gentle, you won’t feel a thing. Now, after the stunning escape of the prisoner in the East, I thought you want to hear the news, right away.

King Vizimir: It’s more gossip than news.

Dijkstra: Well, in my line of work today’s gossip is next month’s news.

King Vizimir: That could be your motto for life.

Dijkstra: Hmm… The East believes themselves to be powerful, and yet how quickly they take the will of the kings to heart?

King Vizimir: And if this escape is true…

Dijkstra: Oh don’t worry, they may have lengthened the necks of a few of my spies, but I have plenty more.

King Vizimir: You just finished a war you can’t possibly want to start another.

Dijkstra: No, but a coup is possible. And the best way to keep their swords in their scabbards is to keep them down.

King Vizimir: What do you want of me?

Dijkstra: A plan to do just that. Something smart, simple, behind the scenes in a way that only you and I can do best.

King Vizimir: And why do you place your bet on finding this escape artist?

Dijkstra: Well, the most important thing that I have discovered is that they have no fucking clue as to the current whereabouts of the prisoner. So, find him, and you control the voice of the rebellion. You control the East and with it, all the power.

King Vizimir: Then it seems your trip was a success.

Dijkstra: I always like to take more than I give. Your Majesty.


Filming Locations:

    • England
    • Scotland
    • Czech Republic
    • Slovakia