Princess Cirilla, or Ciri, Queen Calanthe’s granddaughter, had a sheltered upbringing and experiences tremendous loss when Cintra falls and she escapes. Thankfully, she has allies on her side, most importantly Mousesack. He is a druid, a person of authority, connected to the queen, who sees him as a confidante.

Freya Allan, who plays Ciri, describes her character as 'inspiring and complex, having gone from a secure home, with people around her to being suddenly dropped into a very brutal world, experiencing huge loss in just one night.' Allan continues, 'Ciri is relentless and not afraid to ask questions. Very stubborn but also naïve. Having lost everyone, she suddenly discovers things she never knew.'

Ciri soon encounters 'Dara,' an elf, and they embark on a journey of friendship and loyalty throughout several episodes. Allan explains, 'Dara has also experienced great loss, and somehow they share the same pain. They help each other and form a special bond.'