Company Creates Scented Candles Inspired by The Witcher

There is no denying that The Witcher has influenced the lives of many fans—old and new. After the release of season one, Netflix’s show rose to extraordinary popularity. Viewers wanted more: be it through the books, the Witcher games, fan art, or cosplay! Now there is another way to experience the Continent—smell.

A new startup called The Witcher Wax Works has come up with a revolutionary collection of scented candles inspired by the show. After watching all eight episodes in one sitting, founder Burt Gunderson was struck with a business opportunity. “I remember laughing, crying, and worrying about the characters just like I was on that journey with them. I’m not a creative man, but I always had a talent for smells. I thought, why not? I don’t want to just WATCH the show—I wanted to SMELL it!”

Capturing the essence of the world is a tall order, but after months of experimentation, Gunderson believes that the company has created a boutique line of candles that every fan can love. Based on his favorite quotes and scenes, The Witcher Wax Works presents three exciting scents: Sad Silk Trader, Destiny (Onion), and The "Okay" Evil.

0110 article image sad

0110 article image Onion

0110 article image okay

When will the product launch, and at what price? That remains to be seen. Gunderson is currently travelling across the world with a goat he lovingly named Jaskier. He doesn’t believe he can stand behind a product until he himself answers destiny’s call.

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