Eamon Farren Talks Role As Cahir

While some actors are in the middle of filming, others like Eamon Farren are busy training and researching their roles. Express.co.uk spoke with the actor about his character named Cahir in the upcoming Netflix series.

“It kicked arse,” said Eamon of filming The Witcher, which is currently shooting in Budapest.
It feels like a dream to be able as an actor to you know be able to walk on a set like that and fight and ride horses and yell those words.
“It’s what the young Eamon always wanted to do.”

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The character of Cahir, also known as the “Knight with the Winged Helmet” searches for Ciri, the young girl played by Freya Allan. Since an event called the “Slaughter of Cintra,” the memories of Cahir have terrorized her dreams and has been tracking her ever since.

Look for Cahir and all of “The Witcher” cast on Netflix in 2019. Let us know what you think in the comments below and in the forum!

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