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On Dec. 3rd, I had the honor of touring The Witcher experience during the LA press junket. Although I wished to start my tour with petting Roach, she understandably needed a ten minute break from listening to everyone’s problems. It’s not an easy job being Geralt’s horse!

Instead, we were escorted to the Trial of Grasses. Once we proved our worth by downing a vial of potion (pickle juice), we were awarded with our very own Witcher medallion.

Next, we explored the main feature: a tour through the Continent. There were a total of four rooms, each brought to life by an actor who guides the conversation and reinforces the scene. While some images turned out better than others, we hope you enjoy our description and images of tour through the experience.

Lessons at Aretuza

As we entered the first room, we were immediately greeted by a stern sorceress who had little patience for our desire to dilly-dally. We were directed to a podium, each decorated with a simple flower and a stone. We were warned about the dangers of magic and how we came to be in her presence.

The sorceress’ eyes fell upon me as she explained that I had shown magical powers after “setting my cousin’s house on fire.” An accusation I didn’t deny, but agreed with wholeheartedly. Others were brought in for nobler deeds, such as saving someone from drowning, but our teacher did mutter that she paid too much for each of us.

She was probably right.

We immediately began repeating an incantation, holding our hands above our stones, hoping to tame the chaos she described. We tried our best, but none could lift the stone- save for our teacher.

After raising the rock in mid-air and reminding us to continue practicing, she sent us off to the next room.

A Massacre in Cintra

We were greeted by a warm hearth and lavish dining table, but with unfortunate decorations. Blood splattered across the walls and the feast looked quickly abandoned.

In the corner stood a woeful knight of Cintra, who I presume is a survivor of the massacre, eager to tell the tale of the mighty Queen Calanthe. Though she fell, he believes that her granddaughter, Princess Cirilla, is alive and safe somewhere.

The Baths

Stepping past the curtain of steam, we entered a romantic, candle-lit room. In the center was a luxurious (empty) bath. Photographers were standing by to take pictures and encouraged visitors to get in the tub or sit around as a group for a fun memento.

A Dark Forest Stroll

We entered a dark room filled with rocks and trees, illuminated by a single light to represent moonlight. We could barely see enough to appreciate how detailed it was.

As someone who watches too many horror films, I remained close to the light. Another reporter was not as fortunate. From the dark corner of the room, a mad man sprung from behind, giving him the biggest jolt and a good laugh from the rest of us.

I had to hand it to the mad man, the others did an excellent job, but he was so captivating as he ranted about the legendary Geralt, the Butcher of Blaviken.

As he retreated into the darkness, we quickly shuffled towards the exit before there were any further rantings.

Once we ended the tour, we were able to explore all that the night had to offer. Fans who were hungry and thirsty could grab some water and a snack before exploring.

While the musicians were setting up while we were there, we could already tell that they were going to give a great performance.

Fans could also dress up in a cloak, mask, and wield up to two swords for their own pictures in front of the backdrop used for the initial marketing images.

Jaskier wasn’t present at the event, but there was a strapping bard who sang the story of, well, you! With the assistance of helpful staff and a form, the bard was able to make any fan feel like a legend!

For those who needed to place a wanted ad on the Witcher board, Netflix had you covered. Fill out a simple form with your problem and reward amount, and tack it to the wall.

Finally, we were able to experience what is arguably the most precious experience: meeting Roach.

She listened to my problems, but showed complete disinterest. I got to pet her velvety nose, but realized I had no snack. I was understandably a freeloader in her eyes. Roach may be skittish, but she has standards!

Once being able to meet Roach, our experience was complete. When we did leave, we heard the faint sounds of music filling the air.

For your pleasure, here are the images below:

What do you think? Did the fan experience sound fun? Let us know in the comments below or in our forum!

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