Geralt of Rivia is a Witcher. A witcher is a monster hunter and people fear witchers because of their differences. As a child, Geralt was given up by his mother to the men at Kaer Morhen to endure mutations and experimental trials that, more often than not, killed the children they were inflicted on. Not only did Geralt survive these trials—he was so successful at them that he was chosen for additional mutations, which gave him enhanced abilities including greater strength, speed, endurance, ability to see at night and extreme resistance to pain. A side effect of these mutations is Geralt’s white hair color but he is anything but a white knight.

Geralt’s cynicism belies a greater depth of feeling than many think him capable of—witchers are supposed to be devoid of human emotion. However, Geralt is conflicted in that he feels very deeply for his loved ones. A loyal friend and a fierce protector of the innocent, ultimately Geralt would rather avoid violence whenever possible. But Geralt must make a choice, and over the course of the series we will watch as he reconciles his desire to protect those he cares for with his desire to remain above the fray in the Continent’s growing political unrest and upheaval.