Even loners stumble upon a friend on occasion, and so does Geralt when he meets Jaskier-a singer of songs about faraway places he has never been. Jaskier is at a particularly low point in his life when he encounters Geralt, scrounging for bread and trying to make his way in an unwelcoming world.

Batey, who shared laughs with Cavill on and off set, says, 'Jaskier is clever, but he lacks wisdom and a worldly perspective. Being tied up next to Geralt, suddenly in peace talks with Elves, with knives to his throat, is the first time he’s faced death. From here on, he makes the decision to not leave Geralt’s side. This is the guy you want to guy to be around.'

Jaskier brings light-hearted humor to the story while developing a loyal friendship with his new-found hero. Different as they could be, Geralt's succinct bluntness comically juxtaposes with Jaskier's utter lack of brevity. Batey reveals, 'Sometimes it takes just one line for Geralt to say what Jaskier says in a full paragraph.'