One of the most well-known creatures of Sapkowski’s Witcher saga is the Striga monster. Tomasz Baginski describes it as a child of the Queen Adda transmogrified into a beast. She can be turned back into human form, revealing that the world of monsters and man is not simple.

Beau DeMayo, producer and a writer (episode three) adds, 'When conceptualizing, we kept the idea that this is a baby princess. This is a 14-year-old princess trapped in this beast. To watch Geralt kill a monster is awesome. But watching Geralt attempting to kill a monster inhabited by child and realizing ‘I actually have to try to save this creature’ is infinitely more interesting. Then there were just the fun details of it have an umbilical cord as a tail to keep it alive, having its voice, the growls it makes sound somewhat like a strangled baby and keeping that creepiness and eeriness alive.'

Ivan Poharnok explains, 'We created several full body suits as well as other versions for stunt and acting requirement, including one with radio controlled facial movements.' It was also essential for the prosthetic make up department to adapt the suits to the requirements of the specific action sequences.