Ghouls are gravediggers that feed on the bodies of the dead. Ghouls are often found on battlefields that are littered with rotten corpses of people who were never buried. 'Our version of the ghouls is slightly different – it’s a mix of the ghouls and other monsters that are present in short stories. We decided to make them a bit bigger, nastier, alien like type of herd monsters,' Tomasz Baginski explains.

The Dijin

We are all familiar with the stories of the Djinn (Jinn or Genie) trapped in a bottle or lamp that grants you three wishes. 'The Djinn are basically gleaned from Middle Eastern fairytales, almost like the story of Aladdin,' Tomasz Baginski says. But in The Witcher, the Djinn are a little different.

'This is a mischievous genie-like creature. The thing about the Djinns is that they tend to put a twist on your wishes, so that they aren’t exactly what you intend because they like to have a little fun with you, but it’s not always fun for the holder of the wishes,' Sneha Koorse says.

Charlotte Brändström, director of episodes five and six, says, 'I think the most difficult scene to film as a director was the Djinn because the Djinn is invisible. I wondered, ‘How do we film something that's totally invisible?’ So, it's the effect it has on its environment that we needed to look into.'

Anya Chalotra explains from her character’s point of view, 'Yennefer knows Djinns are incredibly powerful, and if she becomes a vessel of one she may be able to harness that power.'

Henry Cavill affirms, 'Geralt is aware the Djinns are thought to be naughty little creatures; however, he’s desperate to find a cure for his insomnia and believes they can help. But when the Djinn comes out it wreaks havoc and dramatically alters Geralt’s plans.’


Dragons are smart creatures. They are not dangerous to humans but are nonetheless viewed as a threat. The golden dragons, the highest species, are not only the most intelligent but are also shape shifters. So they can change their appearance to look human.


An original creature created by Declan de Barra, he explains, "I named the roach hound species Krallach. I had come up with the idea of a ronin mage and wanted him to have some gnarly non-magical way of fucking people up. What kind of attack pet would a bad arse nomadic assassin have? A Krallach of course. Easy to feed (locals)."


Not much is known about these endangered creatures found in the Northern Kingdom, but they are rarer than dragons. They are docile when not hungry, so it is highly recommended that they be left alone.