Calanthe is The Lioness of Cintra, a fighter at her core, and Ciri’s grandmother. Calanthe took the throne at age 14 after her parents died, and at 15 she earned her name of 'Lioness' after winning her first major battle in Hochebuz against Nazair. Despite enormous pressure from the court, Calanthe put off marriage for as long as possible. The truth is, she would have preferred to stay single and rule her kingdom as she saw fit, with no interference from a husband who she would be forced to obey. But, eventually, a marriage had to be made and an heir to the throne produced. After living her life in the service of her people, Calanthe was finally able to follow her own heart when she accepted the proposal of Eist Tuirseach. And, upon Pavetta and Duny’s death, Calanthe raised Ciri to be strong and stubborn, just like her grandmother, and it is through Ciri that Calanthe’s spirit lives on.