Major Casting Blitz for Season 2 of The Witcher

Last week, we reported that Cassie Clare was joining the second season as Philippa Eilhart, a powerful sorceress. Today, Netflix announced 6 more actors who have been cast, as characters you might recognize:

Adjoa Andoh, known for her latest role in Bridgerton, will play Nenneke. From the books, the character is described as:

A priestess of Melitele, and the indisputable head of the Temple of Melitele in Ellander. She knew Geralt since he was young, treated Dandelion with fond contempt and had met Yennefer on several occasions.

Liz Carr, known for her role in Silent Witness, will be playing the role of Fenn. From the books, the character is described as:

A physically crippled, but surprisingly able midget and the business partner of Codringher. He is described as having no legs, disproportionately long arms, a large head and no neck at all. He and his associate ran the Dorian firm known as "Codringher and Fenn" where they dispensed "legal consultations".

Which brings us to Simon Callow, known for A Room with A View, who will be playing Codringher, Fenn's partner.

Being the main face of the detective agency, Codringher was known for finding any information (or burying it) as long as the price was right. The firm was in reality just a cover for their illegal interests and machinations.

Graham McTavish, known for his role in Outlander, will be playing Dijkstra. His character is described as:

The head of Redanian Intelligence. He was a physically imposing man; nearly seven feet tall and bald, with a rather noticeable stomach that was said to give the impression of a scrubbed pig.Preferring bright colors and flamboyant dress, he didn't dress the least bit like a spy.

Kevin Doyle, known for Downton Abbey, will be playing Ba’lian. This is apparently a new character, so there isn’t any additional information on them.

Chris Fulton, another Bridgerton alum,  will be playing Rience. He’s described as:

A mage who was instructed to find Ciri after she disappeared during the slaughter of Cintra. While powerful, he wasn't nearly as powerful as his master, Vilgefortz.

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