New Covid-19 Cases Hault Production on Season 2

Covid-19, aka the Corona Virus, has reared it's ugly head yet again as four cast/crew test positive for the virus. According to, the cases are not with any of the lead cast. The current cast and crew who have not tested positive, have been asked to go back into quarantine. They will await new test results and allow the production company to do a through sweep of the set to clean any areas that might have the virus. While this isn't great news, we do appreciate how fast the Netflix has acted and taken control of the situation. It would appear that the new guidelines for combating the virus in the filming industry are reacting fast to infections. This marks the second time the show has had to take a pause, the first time was in March when new season 2 actor, Kristofer Hivju, tested positive.

While this isn't the news we want to hear, it does make us feel better knowing how swift the show's response has been and how Netflix continues to value safety over production during the pandemic. Share your thoughts in the comments below or in our forum! Don't forget to follow us on Twitter!

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