New Single from The Witcher's Season Two Soundtrack Released

It's a busy day for Witcher fans! There's the worldwide premiere for season 2 happening right now, with red carpet interviews galore, and we also now have the first single from the season 2 soundtrack available to stream. The full soundtrack will be released on the 17th, same day as season 2 premieres, and will feature tracks from Joey Batey, who you might remember had the very catchy "Toss a Coin" tune last season. This time around, he'll have 3 tracks, and the rest of the soundtrack will feature a score from Joseph Trapanese, including the single released today "Power and Purpose".

We highly recommend giving the song a listen, as it is really quite the epic song, and gives quite an idea of what we might expect for this season. Trapanese, who has recorded music for movies such as Tron: Legacy, Straight Outta Compton, and The Greatest Showman, has created a song that mixes a slow melancholy tune with powerful moments, as well as some recalls to season one's music.

You can stream the song on your favorite platform right here! We also have the cover for the soundtrack below:

0173 s2 soundtrack

What are your thoughts on "Power and Purpose"? Let us know in the comments below or in our forum!

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