Producer Bagiński Discusses Cavill & Netflix

In a recent interview about with  Marcin Prokop of “Z tymi co się znają,” legendary Polish director, animator, and illustrator Tomasz Bagiński discusses his life and career. Included in the segment, Bagiński praises Henry Cavill’s passion and understanding of Geralt and the world of “The Witcher.”

While the interview is completely in Polish, a reddit user by the name of IanCaesars has kindly translated a segment of the interview in English:

Interviewer: What’s up with the Witcher? We know for sure that main role will be played by Henry Cavill, and that’s certainly good news.

Tomasz: Very good news, that’s one of the most recognizable people of the film industry in the world, and the fact he agreed to play the role is fantastic. He perfectly fits the role, he perfectly knows the world and Geralt as a character as well.

Interviewer: One of the rare things you’re surely able to share with us is your contribution into production process. You’re supposedly gonna make sure that the show reflects Slavic character of the Witcher world.

Tomasz: I'm one of the main producers, it's a big responsibility to oversee how final product will look like, and these duties are really requiring.

Interviewer: How big of a success is exporting character from Polish books, at first using it in a game, and now showing it to even bigger audience in the Netflix series?

Tomasz: Let’s remember that Netflix is supposed to deliver series to 130 million viewers. That’s a big stage and it’s fairly big success that we’re able to accomplish that. I'm glad it happens because it was a long long way.

Below is a video of the full interview:

What do you think of the way the show is shaping? Do you agree with Bagiński’s support of Cavill as Geralt? Let us know in the comments below or in our forum!

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