Production Could Start Soon/Superman Rumors

If you're like us then you've been sitting in quarantine watching and rewatching Netflix's The Witcher on almost repeat! But eventually you do get hungry for new content! Of course we don't want anything if it's at the expense of anyone's health. That said, a new report from The United Kingdom's government outlines how the British Filming Industry can return to work safely. It includes considerations for filmmakers at every level of budget and is intended to be scalable, allowing each production to apply the guidance to their specific project’s needs. This means that The UK unit for The Witcher could start rolling those cameras again soon!

On a somewhat different note, DC Comicbook fans have made a pretty unified call for Henry Cavill to remain the film universe's Superman. On a personal note, we really love Henry in that role but love him as Geralt too. Current rumors are that Superman will likely be in the DC Film Universe's Hulk (from the Marvel universe). This comparison is meant that Hulk often appeared in other hero films but never had a movie about himself solely. At least in later movies. We support this idea as it would keep Henry's schedule more open to continue The Witcher as well!

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