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Since the release of The Witcher season one on Dec. 20th, the team here has been working hard to provide visual aids for new and seasoned fans. We are creating an extensive timeline graphic, but for now—we have a map of the Continent and episode locations.

Thanks to artist Daan van Genechten, we have a gorgeous map of the world to reference! Please view his work here—and if you share these images, please give him credit for his hard work!

0094 image s1 worldmap small

You can also view the high-res version of the map here, but let’s breakdown the locations from the first season:

Episode 1: The End’s Beginning

  • Geralt starts his story in a village called Blaviken, a place far north from Cintra.
  • Ciri’s location is mainly within the castle walls for this episode, waiting impatiently for word from the battlefront.
  • Queen Calanthe’s location is marked on the same map, showing how much farther south the initial battle took place—later described in episode 8 as Marnadal. It was a crucial position for Nilfgaard to conquer, as it meant easy access to Cintra castle itself.

0094 image s1 e1 geralt

0094 image s1 e1 ciri

Episode 2: Four Marks

  • Geralt’s journeys have taken him to the far East of the map, to Dol Blathanna—where he first meets Jaskier.
  • Ciri has been fleeing from the capital for a few days on foot—meeting Dara and Cintran refugees in a camp (soon ransacked by Nilfgaardians).
  • Yennefer’s place of birth is in Vengerberg—a far cry from her new home at Aretuza on Thanedd Island.

0094 image s1 e2 geralt

0094 image s1 e2 ciri

0094 image s1 e2 yen

Episode 3: Betrayer Moon

  • Geralt’s story takes place in the country of Temeria. While we don’t know the specific location of the abandoned castle, Geralt does meet King Foltest in Vizima.
  • Ciri and Dara cross a wintery forest, into the lush world of Brokilon—home of the dryad warriors.

0094 image s1 e3 geralt

0094 image s1 e3 ciri

0094 image s1 e3 yen

Episode 4: Of Banquets, Bastards and Burials

  • Geralt is tasked as bodyguard for Jaskier as the bard plays at Cintra castle for the wedding of Princess Pavetta.
  • Yennefer’s task is to escort Queen Kalis and her newborn daughter to her home kingdom in Lyria. Unfortunately, an assassin successfully executes both mother and child in route.

0094 image s1 e4 geralt

0094 image s1 e4 ciri

0094 image s1 e4 yen

Episode 5: Bottled Appetites

  • Geralt, Jaskier, and Yennefer first meet in Rinde.
  • Yennefer now lives in the town of Rinde, having left her post as advisor to the Kingdom of Aedirn. She lives “off-the-grid” after cutting ties with Aretuza and the rest of the mages of the Brotherhood.

0094 image s1 e5 geralt yen

0094 image s1 e5 ciri

Episode 6: Rare Species

  • Geralt, Jaskier, and Yennefer meet while hunting far north in the Dragon Mountains.
  • Ciri and Dara are escorted out of Brokilon via “Mousesack,” but don’t get far once Ciri realizes the doppelganger is an imposter. Dara refuses to follow her any longer and Ciri runs off towards an unknown location.

0094 image s1 e6 geralt yenn

0094 image s1 e6 ciri

Episode 7: Before A Fall

  • Geralt arrives at Cintra to take Ciri, fearing that her life is in danger. They are close, but never officially meet in this episode.
  • Ciri’s current location is not specified—so approximate location is given.
  • Yennefer visits Istredd at the Monoliths in Nazair. The Nilfgaardians have already conquered the land—but allow Istredd to continue his research largely uninterrupted.
  • The Monoliths are not part of the books, but created specifically for the Netflix series. The exact location of the Monoliths in Nazir is unknown.
  • Yennefer meets a mage named Vilgefortz, who convinces her to return to Aretuza for a meeting about the looming Nilfgaardian threat.

0094 image s1 e7 geralt

0094 image s1 e7 ciri

0094 image s1 e7 yen

Episode 8: Much More

  • Ciri and Geralt finally meet in the forest (close to the battle at Sodden Hill).
  • Geralt is unaware of Yennefer’s involvement with the battle.

0094 image s1 e8 geralt ciri

0094 image s1 e8 yen

We are definitely excited for season two but what are your thoughts on the map locations? What did we get right? What did we get wrong? Let us know in the comments below or in our forum!

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