Second Round of Casting Complete

Somewhat overshadowed by the big reveal of Henry Cavill's first look as Geralt, more casting news has been discovered. While the internet was a buzz with the footage of Cavill in a silver wig, the Polish Twitter account for Netflix shared the casting news. With it, we learn the roles for some pretty important chracters including Triss Merigold, Stregobor and Cahir. For a complete list of who is playing who in this second round of casting, check out the images below:

Anna Shaffer/Triss Merigold
0025 triss

Eamon Farren/Cahir
0025 cahir

Joey Batey/Jaskier
0025 jaskier

Lars Mikkelsen/Stregobor
0025 stregobor

Royce Pierreson/Istredd
0025 Istredd

Sir Lazlo/Maciej Musiał
0025 sir lazlo

Dara/Wilson Radjou-Pujalte
0025 dara

Rebecca Benson - Marilka

Shane Attwooll - Nohorn

Luke Neal - Vyr

Matthew Neal - Nimir

Tobi Bamtefa - Danek

Sonny Serkis - Martin

Roderick Hill - Fletcher

Inge Beckmann - Aridea

Charlotte O’Leary - Tiffania

Natasha Culzac - Toruviel

Amit Shah - Torque

Tom Canton - Filavandrel


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