SFX & Lauren Hissrich Debuts New Witcher Photos

Today was a good day for Netflix's The Witcher. If you haven't been paying attention to the swelling articles flowing about, there is a LOT of buzz regarding the new show. Lauren Hissrich (Executive Producer aka Showrunner) even said she's got ideas for up to seven seasons! Speaking of Lauren, the showrunner herself took to a popular Reddit community today to share two brand new photos from the show! When being asked about how she was able to share the new photos, the Executive Producer stated:

One of the perks of being the showrunner, I’ve learned, is that no one ever tells me I can’t take pictures! So I have seven months of gorgeousness to share, and I want to do it [on this reddit thread]. Don’t worry, I won’t spoil anything. All photos will be of people or places you’ve already seen in the teaser or trailer.

0078 greathall

Hissrich noted that this was the largest set they had ever build [above photo of Cintra’s Great Hall]

0078 filming

Hissrich said regarding the royal family filming in the photo above:

Fun fact: those extras were eventually broomed out of the shot, so our royal family could have the spotlight to themselves.

Lauren coming to a reddit of her own accord is pretty amazing! With the debut less than two months away, it shows A; how hungry we all are for this amazing new show, but also B; how excited Lauren is to share it with us! Speaking of new photos though, the magazine SFX (available on shelves as we type) did an article on Netflix's "The Witcher" as well! The magazine a few photos to share. We can't show them all here but here's a taste:

0078 yen

0078 ciri

Let us know what you think of the new images in the comments below and in our forum! Are you following us on Twitter? Cast a spell and get on it for all the latest on the show!

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