The Witcher Bake Off Is A Thing and It's Tasty Fun

Although production for season two of The Witcher has been postponed, the cast and crew members have been baking up some delicious fun—literally. What started with a simple twitter post from casting director Sophie Holland, has cascaded into drool-worthy baked goods and a bit of fun.

Looks like some delicious bread, and why not add a little fun by challenging someone else to a bake off?

Actor Paul Bullion, playing the witcher Lambert in season two, brought his A-game with the help of his housemate Jack Douglas:

Things got tastier from there when the King of the Elves, Tom Canton served up a savory beef wellington:

Jeremy Crawford brought an axe to a knife fight and slayed with a dwarven apple pie—WITH The Witcher logo shaped crust!

Adele Oni didn’t say much as the lethal Téa in season one, but she really doesn’t need to with her skills:

Mecia Simson, playing the powerful sorceress Francesca Findabair next season, added a bit of magic to the game:

Yasen Atour, playing the witcher Coën, accepted the contract and became our flour bae in the process:

Showrunner Lauren Hissrich made a tasty meatloaf, but it sounds like she’ll have to try harder to impress this crew:


The Witcher Bake Off is the tasty competition we need right now. Think we’ll end up having an entire cookbook worth of recipes? Who would you like to see tagged next? Let us know in the comments below or in our forum!

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