The Witcher Pairs with Old Spice

We are merely a day away from The Witcher's triumphant return to Netflix for their second season! Remember, this season was filmed during the height of the pandemic and even had to shut down for a while due to covid, so this is a very special kind of treat. That said, have you ever wanted to smell like Geralt’s bathwater? What about a Kikimora corpse? Old Spice is launching a new line of deodorants based on The Witcher. They’ll be releasing 6 different scents:

  • Yennefer’s Underarm
  • Blaviken Before the Butchering
  • Smell of Surprise
  • Geralt’s Bathwater
  • Roach
  • Kikimora Corpse

Each deodorant is going to have a unique scent to it, and some will smell better than others, but as Old Spice puts it “In the time of The Witcher, long long ago, there was no Old Spice Swagger so everybody had B.O.”

Which scent are you going to get?

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