The Witcher Production to Resume Aug 17

The shadow that Covid-19 has cast over the world has been a long stretching cloak that many didn't expect to cover us this long. Thankfully, we are finally seeing a little light crack through and governments in conjunction with the production studios have found a way to start to open up filming again! We reported earlier that the United Kingdom has worked out a process to allow filming to begin safely and with a particular process. Now, it's only on the studios to figure out how to adhere to the guidelines that have been laid out so filming can resume. As for The Witcher, it looks like they've found a way to start up and an official start date has been release via a very fun limerick:

I’m dusting off my lute and quill, I have some news, some mead to spill: After all the months we’ve been apart It’s time for production to restart. The Witcher and his bard – who’s flawless, Will reunite on set 17 August.

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