Which Actor's Are Going for Geralt?

Casting your main character is one of if not the most important part of making a new show. When you have a single lead, and you cast it right, you can weather more events as the show goes on than a poorly cast lead or an ensemble cast. For example, co-leads and or supporting actors might leave to pursue their own lead opportunities but if you have a powerful lead, you can carry on with the show with changing roles. Because of that, this part of the casting process is essential! TheWitcher.tv is tracking which actors are auditioning and have expressed interest in the part of Geralt. Here's what we've gathered so far:

Henry Cavill: In an interview with IGN, Henry mentioned that he would be interested in playing Geralt for Netflix. While this was a comment made in passing, the internet did explode with fan art supporting the idea. Check it out below:

Sebatian Stan: Recently, Executive Producer Lauren S. Hissrich started following the actor on Instagram. This is unique as she follows very few people and Stan has a plethora of family history in Poland.

Zach McGowen: Known for his roles on Black Sails, The 100 and Shamless, has been making a great play for the role as well. He has been asking his friends and followers on social media to support his bid for the role!

We think anyone of these actors could be a great choice for the role! Who do you want to be Geralt in the pivitol Netflix series, The Witcher?

Let us know what you think in the comments below and in the forum!

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