Special Effects Demos Not Apart of Netflix's Show

Over the last 24 to 36 hours, fans across the world have been trying to figure out if the special effect demos that we exclusively shared were indeed a part of the Netflix's show. The quality looks top notch, and the fight scene in the village is clearly a live action one- not a fully digital environment. All that considered, TheWitcher.tv can now exclusively claim that these videos, while extremely well done, are NOT a part of the Netflix show. We've reached out to Netflix, who was able to provide this information for us. The last mystery to be solved rests with Topedo Pictures. Why did they make these and what are they for? Demo reel to land a contract, perhaps? For now, we simply know this is not for Netflix's "The Witcher."

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#1 2 witcher projectsValravn 2018-12-15 14:40
Best thing about it is that we, apparently, have 2 witcher projects to look forward to.

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