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  3. Thursday, 31 October 2019
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I have had very little exposure to The Witcher universe. I know the books are Polish science fiction from the 1980's and I've seen some gameplay of the video games, but never played myself.

From the trailers and casting, I'm very excited to see Netflix appears to be going all-in on this being one of their biggest budget projects and could be years of entertainment.

Looking for any diehard fans that might want to share some knowledge to prepare me for the December 20th release of the Netflix series. Obviously, I'm not in search of any spoilers or major story elements from the books or games. Rather, information that could help me enjoy the series more (or distract me while I anxiously wait for the series to launch).

For example:

  • What is the name/world where The Witcher takes place? Is it fictional or based in reality?
  • Do they have god(s) in this world or a religious system?
  • Who is the ruling class of this world? Who are the poor?
  • Are there non-humans that are not monsters (this could be problematic from a spoiler perspective :p )?
  • It's clear from the trailers there is an element of magic. Are people born with magic? Can they be taught?

I'm sure the pilot episode will cover a lot of my questions, but just curious from those out there that love The Witcher - what are some of the elements that set this apart from other medieval worlds (Middle Earth, Westeros, etc) we've come to know?


[EDIT] Witcher.tv has been releasing "Witcher Wisdom" articles that I did not find when first searching the forums. To date, there appears to be 3 (below). I'll post them here for anyone else looking for an intro to the world. I do think there are a couple open questions still from my original post, but excited to get some background!

If you would like to suggest that Witcher.tv covers a topic for their "Witcher Wisdom" series, you can do so here.
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