Sonya Belousova Gives Insight to 'The Witcher' Soundtrack

Since the release of the trailer at San Diego Comic Con, there has been a reinvigorated hype for the release of The Witcher on Netflix. While the actors are taking well deserved breaks, the hard work begins for others such as composers Giona Ostinelli and Sonya Belousova. Luckily for fans, Belousova has been keeping the world informed of their progress.

Many have speculated whether the Hurdy-Gurdy would be used, as it was in the video games. The instrument has been a part of Slavic culture for centuries, and the good news? It will also be included in the soundtrack of the show, but with a possible twist. Sonya posted am image using a Hurdy-Gurdy, saying, “I wonder if this hurdy might come in handy... and what if there’s some distortion on it to give it more edge and grit?”

Sonya Belousova

Wind instruments (and a rainstick) will also come into play for the music:

The Witcher Instruments

Belousova shows that expensive instruments are not always required for thematic music. Sometimes that junk mail around the house makes for a great addition:

In another post, violinist Lindsay Deutsch shows off her skills. While they could not reveal anything from the soundtrack itself, Deutch slays with her version of Beethoven’s Ode to Joy:

The music seems to be forming nicely. We can’t wait to hear the final songs when the show released, which is predicted to release in late 2019. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below or in our forum!

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#2 RE: Sonya Belousova Gives Insight to 'The Witcher' SoundtrackKdw 2019-08-06 12:50
All i hope for is the same quality of music as was created for the games. It was superbly composed and was key in bringing the story to life. The same counts for the upcoming series. For me it could not have enough slavic influence, it just embodies the whole witcher world in my opinion.
+1 #1 RE: Sonya Belousova Gives Insight to 'The Witcher' SoundtrackZoltar 2019-08-05 06:55
Fans I often speak to, hope for a song of the quality of GoT-intro. It is very difficult to achieve, I think, so I won't be dissapointed, if Giona Ostinelli's and Sonya Belousova's music won't be that good.

Personally, I even don't know, if I really want to hear a lot of slavic elements in this score. Somehow it would be ectypal, after what the game-makers invented for "Witcher 3", wouldn't it?

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